What’s the Truth of Who You Are?

  • jmcginn 

Last Sunday, I went to “Shift Speaker Training” with Dr Joanna Martin. I’d never heard of her so I had no idea what to expect, but actually I thought she was fantastic. She oozed passion, authenticity and energy.

I left feeling calm and optimistic about my business’s future. I even felt more confident about selling (which is something I need to do a lot of work on!!)

She got us to think about one quality or value that is the essence of who we are. What would we wish for everyone in the world?  I went through a few options and decided on peace.  We then had to go around the room and introduce ourselves as that quality.  It was beautiful to hear other people’s truths – love, value, confidence, service and many more introduced themselves to me.  There was such a gentle, authentic energy flowing during this activity and I think all of us were able to connect heart-to-heart.

Later that day, I reflected more on peace and it didn’t feel 100% me.  It’s definitely something I strive for and it inspires me, but it’s not the depth of who I am.  I realised that truth was the quality that I naturally am.  A lot of people don’t want to know truth – it can be a vulnerable place to go.  But for those brave enough to embrace it, profound healing can come.

The Soul loves the Truth – Denise Linn

What do you feel the key value driving your life is?  Peace? Love? Truth? Something else?

Why not have a go at saying “I am (your value)” out loud and see how it feels?  I would love to hear how you get on!  Either email me at jacquimcginn@icloud.com or you could write a comment below.