What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You

I’m a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner. I was actually starting to work in hypnosis with my clients and found it was bringing them the best results, by getting them to use their imagination to solve problems with my guidance. Now I’ve sharpened up my skills with a five-month course and have a bigger toolkit.

So, how can hypnotherapy help you?

Well, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are fascinating processes that can work really well alongside spiritual healing. You might think of hypnotherapy as helping with problems like weight management, stopping smoking, and dealing with anxiety or depression. But there’s more that hypnotherapy can do. Hypnotherapy can help uncover and clear deep blocks to manifesting the life of your dreams.

Blocks to Manifesting Dreams

To give you an example, during the training I underwent really deep processes myself to help feel what they’re like for a client. Over the last few years, it’s felt like my life has been really held back and dragged back. No matter how many affirmations or healing sessions or inner work I did, or however many courses or coaches I invested in, that “held back feeling” just wasn’t shifting.

I wasn’t expressing the whole of who I am. Even my teacher was puzzled as to why I wasn’t flourishing because I am extremely good at what I do – see the many testimonials on this website and clients value my honesty. But those blocks were DEEP and they weren’t going to go without the depth of hypnotherapy. Energy healing went a long way to opening the door to finding my blocks to creating what I wanted, and then it was hypnotherapy that got to the root cause of the blocks to break them down.

And the same will be true for you and for many other natural healers.
My blocks were partially from trying to make my family feel better and partially from the helplessness of being an emotional child who didn’t feel understood. As a child, I had a “good girl” exterior but underneath it was a defiant streak! That defiant streak, along with being a misery hoover for other people, led to that “stuck” and “held back” feeling that I was experiencing.
My book writing is flying now after years of trying to get it down and I can see how my thoughts, actions and expectations had been holding me back in my business, in my life, in my book writing and in my relationships. I’m more assertive and comfortable, asking for what I need and want without getting whingy or bitchy as I used to (like a defiant child not trusting that she will get what she wants and needs, AND resenting that she’s carrying everyone else’s emotional baggage!)

Others who’ve been around me for a few years are noticing the shift in revealing my true self more and more as a result of the hypnotherapy work. I can see how I was trying to present a certain image of myself online that was more what I hoped other people would like and appreciate. But now I’m much more confident, being really honest and showing up fully.

Life Improvements For You Too

And it’s not just me who’s benefited. People with long-standing problems are finding relief and feeling so much better from the hypnotic tools I’ve been using. From people feeling miserable and down for years, to people who’ve had physical pain and discomfort eased in just one session.

So, as I keep saying, hypnotherapy is the key to helping with a wide range of issues. It helps you to reach and examine thought patterns and behaviours from early childhood – even physical problems can come from then too. Once you know how to unlock the subconscious mind and work with it, you will see how it’s always been trying to help you. And it just needs a bit of assistance to change what is going on for you. And that change can happen quickly.

What’s Next?

If there’s a pressing problem in your life that you’d like relief from – whether it’s

  • repetitive negative thoughts
  • overwhelm
  • worries and anxiety that you can’t seem to stop
  • unwanted or unbalanced emotions like overwhelm, frustration, shame, resentment, anger
  • weight issues
  • feeling fed up of the state of your relationships
  • feeling fed up of feeling criticised, put down or subtly shamed by people at home or work

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I would LOVE to help you get back to your natural, happy and peaceful self.