What Black Lives Matter Can Teach Us About Empathy and Deep Listening

This was a talk I gave at a Fabulous Networking virtual meeting on 10th June 2020. It was recorded with the permission of the attendees. I’ve had some great feedback on it and been told it’s my best talk yet.

Empathy is something I’ve been working on improving in myself mostly through working through Karla McLaren’s book “The Language of Emotions”. You can find out more about her work on her website. In recent months, the work of Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies has been deepening my understanding of empathy in a business setting. The story I mention in the talk is from the ebook “The Art of Relevance” which you can get from his website Marketing for Hippies.

Empathy has the potential to solve a lot of systemic problems. And it starts with working with our own inner terrain. Knowing our emotions and wounds so that we’ve got the space to meet other people where they are without imposing our worldview on them unless it’s appropriate. The Black Lives Matter movement has shown me just how lacking in empathy and listening I’ve been around the issues of systemic racism. And that has to change.

The talk is intended as a jumping off point for your own thoughts and reflections on empathy and listening.