Thoughts, Emotions and Healing The Heart

“The thorn is always in your heart; it’s just not activated until something touches it.  You feel the reaction as a hollowness or a dropping sensation in your heart.  If feels very uncomfortable…Stored energy from the past releases from the heart and generates thoughts.”

Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

Many mindset books would have us believe that thoughts create feelings.  But from what I’ve found, feelings have a life of their own independent of thought.  Our minds can latch onto emotions and twist their helping, healing powers into all kinds of stories.  To change the thoughts and carry on with how we are is to ignore a valuable opportunity for healing the heart.  

When discomfort comes up, it means we’re feeling safe enough to release that old, trapped part of ourselves.  By being able to sit with it and not think it away or energy heal it away, we can bring back a lost piece of ourselves and gradually return to our true, authentic power.  As the heart’s blocks get cleared, a pathway opens up for more of the soul.  

The more of the soul that can flow into our lives, the more we can bring heaven to earth – not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

So cherish those moments of discomfort and pain, they are vital healing messages from the soul through the heart.  Holding them and giving them space allows the light of your soul to shine through them. <3