This Will Melt Your Heart

  • jmcginn 

This story appears in “Authentic Success” by Robert Holden and it is stunningly beautiful. I do love it when deep wisdom is shared through a child’s voice.

“One lazy Sunday afternoon a busy businessman was hard at work entertaining a potential client at his home. The businessman had a young son of about 6 years old called David who kept running in and disturbing the negotiations.

David was bored, and he hoped daddy and his new friend might want to play. Each time David entered the room, his father gave him something to play with: first a pen, then a calculator, then a book to read.

Finally David’s father found a map of the world, which he tore up into 50 pieces. He gave David a roll of tape and asked him to return only when he had stuck the world back together again.

David returned after only 5 minutes with the map of the world complete again. His father was astonished. ‘How did you do that in such a short time?’ he asked.

‘Easy,’ replied David. ‘On the back of the map of the world I had already drawn a big picture of myself, and when I put myself together the world came together, also.’ “

This is what healing and therapy is all about – putting all our pieces back together again. And when we do that, we create a new world and inspire others to do the same. I’m seeing the ripple effects of my own hypnotherapy journey and how people (especially women) around me are stepping into more authenticity and power by claiming lost and hidden pieces of themselves. It’s the topic of the book I’m writing “Pieces to Peace”

One of the ways I’m helping people reclaim lost pieces is through hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnotherapy is what helped me to reclaim a deeply buried and unconscious sabotaging piece of myself. You can read more about that here.  

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you step into more inner peace, empowerment and authenticity and reclaim lost pieces of yourself, below is more information about my hypnotherapy package. Just email for more information or click here to book a free discovery session.

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