The Purest Love

Lessons in love can come from the most unexpected of places.  Today I was working at a Special Needs school and I had a moment with a severely disabled student that was so pure that just thinking about it fills me with love.

This particular student has a degenerative condition called Rett Syndrome that affects brain development.  I believe that at one time she could do more but her brain is unable to retain what she’s learned so she can do little for herself.  She’s extremely vulnerable and can’t communicate in conventional terms.  But as I often do with people, I tuned into her soul and wondered what her plan was for her life on Earth.  It might have been my imagination, but I felt a glimmer of recognition from her.  In that moment of just holding the space to make sure she was breathing, I felt so much love.  There is no way she can show love in any conventional sense, so the love has to be unconditional – giving without any expectation of receiving.  I got the impression from her soul that she was here to teach about unconditional love and to help us to learn more about the brain and genes so we can advance.

She certainly taught me about love and googling her condition has got me thinking more about the interplay of genes, brain development and consciousness.  Of course, today it was my job and I will receive some money for my time, but none of that really matters.  A moment so pure and so full of unconditional love is priceless.