The Power of Thoughts and Emotions

The more I study the brain and the mind, the more I realise how powerful thoughts and emotions are. This article is a lovely example of how re-training and redirecting our thoughts can make positive changes to how we process life.  As this article shows, the brain can be rewired to cope better with emotions and work with them regardless of previous experiences.  I think this article is a ray of hope that we can help people overcome anything if we can help them control their thoughts.

At the moment, I’m reading “The Trauma of Everyday Life” which is written by a psychiatrist discussing Buddhist ideas and how they can be integrated to help patients.  Just last night I was struck by the following Buddhist quote in the book:

The mind is restless

To control it is good

A disciplined mind is the road to Nirvana

I find it fascinating that scientific research like the article above and Buddhist philosophy are finding common ground – controlling the mind can help us grow, evolve and move beyond problems.

Gaining control of our own mind is no easy task, because most of what it contains is unconscious.  But tools that can get the conscious and unconscious minds working together like ThetaHealing, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are wonderful ways to begin.

It’s my belief that we really can transform the world by the transforming our inner worlds.  And now, more than ever before we have greater access to the tools to do so.