The Power of Being Spiritually Seen #unboundvisibility

  • jmcginn 

The Unbound Visibility Challenge

At the moment I’m taking part in Nicola Humber’s Unbound Visibility Challenge.  The intention is get women out and expressing themselves more truly and freely in the world, so that we can be all that we’re meant to be.  Today’s challenge is to write and share a story of a time that changed our lives and put us on the path to where we are now.

First, my mind went to my mental breakdown/spiritual awakening but I realised that’s old news and really not worth raking over again!  Yes, it dramatically shifted my outlook on life but there is a more significant event that has had even more of an influence on the work I do now.

It was either 2007 or 2008 and I had a private psychic reading with a person who had become my spiritual development teacher.  I was living in Japan, and my teacher, Craig Junjulas would come over from Sedona, Arizona to give talks, workshops and readings.  I’d been to a number of talks by him and attended an incredible psychic development course at the foot of Mount Fuji.  But it was the private session with him that REALLY set me on the path I’m on now and helped me to do the work I do.

Held In Sacred Space

If I think about what the difference between the workshops and private sessions was, it was that I felt deeply and spiritually SEEN for the first time.  Being held in a sacred space and deeply seen was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.  I’ll never forget sitting in Starbucks with a latte after the session and just savouring the feeling of KNOWING in every fibre of my being that my life was significant, that I was being guided and helped spiritually and that having blocks, fears and problems was just all part of the path.

Ripples of Wisdom Through Years Afterwards

Craig also gave me one vital piece of advice that stays with me to this day.  He told me that my life was going to have difficult, challenging times but that it was like making a samurai sword.  In order for the metal in the blade to be strong enough and flexible enough to do the job it’s meant to do, it’s put in the fire 10,000 times and folded over each time.  If that’s not done sufficiently, when the sword is put to use the blade will shatter and be of no use at all.

Indeed I have had many rough times since then and each time and I’ve gone deep within myself to find out what it is inside myself that is causing my discomfort and suffering.  At times it’s been painful and at times it’s taken a while, but having done that again and again and again, I have come out stronger, far more flexible and with much more compassion.

So now I have a strong heart that can hold a sure, sacred space for my clients and I can SEE them deeply and spiritually.  Far beyond the ego’s limitations and far beyond any problems, to that magnificent spark of the divine within each of us.

And if I can give my clients a fraction of the self-belief that Craig gave me, I’m doing well.

Soul Coaching Oracle Cards

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