“I feel very proud of myself and thank you again for an amazing course… xxx

M.H. (female healing practitioner), ThetaHealing Basic course participant 16th-18th November 2018.

“You are such an inspiring FN group leader and it’s always a great pleasure to attend your meetings. You get to the heart and soul of empathy and communication

26th September 2018 by Nick Keith member of Fabulous Networking and author of “Feel it like a Man – a Fool’s Guide to Relationships”

A year ago I worked with Jacqui on my inner child, I knew I had blocks that were stopping me moving forward in life. Within the 5 sessions I was able to see my blocks and work through them, it was incredibly powerful. Since then, I am back in education studying to improve myself and my future. I am also now self employed and doing well. I’ve also started writing a book. Things that were way beyond my dreams before. So a big thank you to you Jacqui, I would not have done it without you.
I’m also excited about the opportunities to help and change peoples lives for the better  xx”

D.S. (female counsellor) from the UK, sessions done in person.

 “I can highly recommend her as a Theta Healer. 
I found it quite incredible what comes up to be cleared in a session”
J.W. (workshop and talk coordinator) from the UK.  27th November 2017 Session done in person.

“Dear Jacqui
I just want to let you know how I am feeling after our call today –
I feel empowered – free even
My back isn’t hurting and my sciatica has gone (almost completely)
I feel in control – well ‘taking back control’
I feel that I have to do stuff that suits ME – not others……..
I’m feeling fab I don’t know HOW you do what you do, but I am SO grateful to have met you”

J.H. (female business owner) from the UK via Skype

“I can imagine you making big differences to people as you did with me”

H.G. (male student) from the UK, in-person sessions

“Jacqui’s theta healing is amazing – a deep issue came up for me that I have been trying to deal with for a long time. After the healing I felt tearful and knew that this issue had been shifted deeply from my sub conscious mind I felt really light and buoyant.”

N.W. (female holistic practitioner) in person sessions in West Sussex, UK

“I was a little nervous at first but with Jacqui’s gentle explanation and encouragement I felt at ease on the turn of the cards. The interpretation of my cards was amazing and matched my mood perfectly. The reading with Jacqui made me feel energised to move forward in a much more positive way and I walked away feeling a lightness in my step and my spirit renewed. Thank you Jacqui.”

G.E. (female retired adventurer) in person from Southampton, UK

“I was feeling overwhelmed and emotional in anticipation of my 36th birthday. As soon as I began connecting with Jacqui, I felt calmer and lighter. She instantly knew how to direct our session to highlight challenges and methods to face them. She provided exactly what I needed to get “unstuck” and start moving toward my authentic self. Not only is she supportive and nurturing, but she explains the process and the readings in a manner that is easy to grasp, even if the topic is esoteric or challenging. Jacqui is kind, gifted and will help you get closer to your highest self. I highly recommend her services.”

A.T. (female company worker) via Skype in Chicago, USA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my card reading! I loved that as we went through each card, you not only explained clearly what each one represented and what it might mean for me, but offered solutions and tools that would aid me in implementing the messages the cards revealed. It was so much more than just a card reading! As a result, I feel energised and inspired towards my goals. I feel a greater focus, as though the card reading shifted everything into alignment in order for my path to become clearer. I am really truly grateful to you, you really helped me a lot and I’ve been feeling good all weekend since!”

J.M. (female business builder) in Sydney, Australia via Skype

Well, I can honestly say “WOW”. It was a delight to connect with Jacqui McGinn this morning and to be blessed with my card reading…which was WOW. I can’t recommend Jacqui enough, from her warm and friendly manner, her approachable manner and her intuition and connection to energy. I’m still digesting everything. It was a very enlightening and clear experience which also reminded me of ‘stuff I kinda knew’ in a way that was helpful and inspiring. Thank you again Jacqui – this truly was a blessing. :D”

L.P. (female, expert in childhood) in Scotland, UK via Skype

Thank you so much, Jacqui, for our Skype Theta healing session. I’m still feeling shifts integrating and moving through me a few hours later. Powerful effects and impacts. You’ve made a huge difference for me at a time when I needed one, and a direction for self-care and self-growth I was sorely ignorant of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

V.R. (female business builder) in Brisbane, Australia via Skype

Thanks so much for your wonderful reading. It was so helpful to explore the issues that came up with you. It felt good to bring awareness and light to some of the more shadowy areas of my life. It was very supportive to gain clarity on my offerings to the world. You are a rare soul with a precious gift.”

F.M. (female holistic business owner) in Edinburgh, UK via Skype

Hi Jacqui. I just wanted to write how much I enjoyed our healing session yesterday. I’m not one usually to experience big shifts (or small shifts for that matter), I just notice that I’m doing things differently or things are once again in flow. So I was pleasantly surprised when during our healing session I did feel a release and today I feel more energetically invested in my big goals and big vision. Thank you for your support and for allowing me the space to explore what was happening. I look forward to working with you again. <3″

D.K. (female holistic coach) in Brisbane, Australia via Skype

So monday was on quite a high and its been remarked upon I seem rather chipper today also. Plus today at work it has been left in the most god awful state I have seen and has taken me 5 hours to get where I should be in one. Despite that I have approached it mindfully and not gotten frustrated and angry like I usually would in such a situation. Also yesterday a situation that typically would have turned into aggro out on the street I was able to defuse and handle calmly and politely. So the point in telling you all this? I feel your influence in this with the course, card readings and healings so I wanna say thank you for what you have done.”

P.C. (male company worker) in Southampton, UK (online course participant)

Hi Jacqui, Thank you for coming over last night, it was an interesting evening and I had no idea what to expect then or now moving forward. What I do feel today though is peace. I haven’t felt this calm in a long time, and this afternoon I had a reflexology client who is visiting from India book another two sessions as she was feeling relief from her arthritis after seeing me yesterday afternoon. Trying to prove myself at work I have been going in lots of extra hours but today, for the first time in nearly five months I haven’t gone in today on my day off – and I didn’t feel bad or stressed or anxious! Thank you so so much xx”

J.K. (female holistic practitioner) in Eastleigh, UK, in-person sessions