Soulmates And Soul Creativity

  • jmcginn 

When you’re here to bring something to the world that’s never been brought before you need to connect with your creative essence.  And that’s where a soulmate can help you. The right soulmate can help you connect with the creative essence of your soul to bring into being what you’re here to create.  

But to get to that depth where you connect with your soul’s creativity; energy healing and connecting with your subconscious mind’s wisdom are potent practices to help you.  The subconscious mind is like the gateway to the soul and your energy system is the way your soul’s energy can flow and express and create freely in your life. So getting them in tip-top shape is an investment worth making.  

Creating Space For Soul Creativity

Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mind Valley, calls old stuck energy “negative charges”.  And it’s like having negative charges in your energy system and subconscious mind will attract more negativity (slower, denser energy) to you.  It’s not inherently bad to have negativity or negative charges, it’s just that you were meant for more and that your unique soul gifts, creativity and vision flourish in positivity and flowing, higher vibrational energy.  Having lots of negative charges makes it really hard to see what it is that you’re here to create.

Cleaning up those negative charges allows your energy to flow and to help you create something that’s never been created before.  A partner who encourages you to reflect and gives you the space to notice your negative charges (without making you feel bad about having them) is such a valuable ally.  It might be that your soul partner is a crucial part of what you’re here to create, or it might that they’re a crucial part of your transformation.

I could only really understand what I’m writing here because of being with an artist.  Art and creativity were very foreign to me, but being with someone used to creating art and allowing ideas to come out of nothing into creation has been a powerful lesson for me to learn.  And boy does Tony have some creative ideas! Creativity used to scare the bejesus out of me because of the uncertainty that comes with it. But I’ve learned to welcome it and open up to it knowing that my creative expression like this helps others to connect with that soul creativity too.  

What are you here to birth into the world?  What kind of partner do you need to help you bring it life?