Rest In Peace Dr Wayne Dyer

I’ve been diving into Dr Dyer’s wisdom since his transition at the end of August.  My newsfeed on Facebook was full of his wisdom – beautiful, inspiring quotes and a film of him sharing his wisdom with others (The Shift).

I decided to watch The Shift and what struck me while watching it was just how peaceful and understanding he was.  He understood life’s pressures but also understood and lived greater truths.

It’s my belief that the timing of his passing was no accident.  As many involved in energy healing know, September 2015 is said to be a month of incoming cosmic energies that will enable us to shift our energy to higher states.  And as many energy healers will tell you, these times can be rocky to say the least.  As we shift to higher vibrational states, we need to release the lower states so we can sustain the higher state.  It can cause all kinds of problems – physical symptoms, emotional ups and downs, convulsions, insomnia – the list goes on.  But when we surrender to it, stop fighting and allow the energies to flow through, we can arrive at a greater way of being.  It is like our energy system has been cleaned up and cleared out.

So why is his passing so significant?  Because he is a reminder that the physical world is actually energy and that the more we embrace higher spiritual energies, the more we are allowing love to flow through the whole of our lives.  It also reminds us that all of the physical symptoms and emotional problems are actually problems of the ego (“Edging God Out” to put it in his terms).  The clear-out allows us to release our ego’s grip on our lives and surrender to a greater, more soul-centred way of being.

On top of that, some fascinating insights have come through.  First, Dr Dyer had been diagnosed with leukaemia but he was healed during a healing session with the renowned Brazilian healer, John of God.  Post mortem tests apparently confirmed that he had no trace of leukaemia in his body! Second, according to Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, the date he died was personally significant to him.  He had never met his father and it was on August 30th that he visited his father’s grave and then wrote his book “Your Erroneous Zones” in 14 days, which was a book that changed his life.

If I’m honest, I hadn’t explored his work that much while he was alive, but boy is his work resonating with me now!  And his teachings are adding an extra layer of meaning to my own life and to my healing sessions with clients.

You can watch Dr Dyer’s film “My Greatest Teacher” for free until September 14th via Hay House.