Remembering to Relax, Unwind and De-stress!

It can be easy to forget to relax – I know I often forget!  Yet we all know how bad for us pent up stress is.  I asked my Facebook community for their ideas on relaxation and de-stressing and got a fabulous mix of ideas from people from different backgrounds and ways of thinking. I think it’s fascinating!

Why not give something new a try today?

  • hot bath (especially with epsom salts)
  • nice chat to someone
  • walking in woods
  • being on the beach
  • gardening
  • meditation
  • ThetaHealing (a meditative healing technique)
  • listening to music
  • good times with friends
  • laughter
  • travelling (to change the scenery)
  • ditching the technology
  • mindfulness
  • loud music
  • walking
  • relaxation audios
  • dancing
  • being in nature
  • deep breathing
  • visualisation
  • full on belly laughs
  • listen to Deva Primal
  • crafts
  • pets
  • cake!
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • releasing any pent up energy about the stress
  • sitting connected to source in silence
  • being aware of the energy of the earth and heavens
  • sensory deprivation tank
  • yoga class
  • CD of dolphin and whale sounds
  • massage
  • putting together flat pack furniture (personally, I love it but I know it can have anything but a relaxing effect on many people!)
  • busting up pallets
  • giving reiki
  • doing what you love and what you’re good at

If you’d like to try meditation but think it might be too hard, I have easy meditations you can try here for free.

And if you have any more unique or unusual ways to relax and de-stress, I’d love to hear them!