Relationships for Empathic, Sensitive People

  • jmcginn 

I was interviewed by the lovely Tiina Mokvist from “Your Own Kind of Wonderful” podcast about relationships for empaths and sensitives. To be honest, looking at the quotes Tiina has picked out, some are so good I’m surprised they came out of my mouth! 😉

“In our essence we are literally creation, creativity is in our nature, we either do it unconsciously or we take the reigns and we do it consciously”


“It’s about getting back to a more equal relationship where it’s more like, ‘I have needs’ and ‘you have needs’, ‘lets get to a place where we can share those and understand and help each other’.”

Also me!

‘Your spiritual path can be constrained and held back by listening to other people too much and letting others dominate your decisions’

And me again! 😉

I am an empath myself and relationships can certainly be challenging! You can get overwhelmed with psychic and emotional information along with what people are saying with their words.

In the interview, I talked about how relationships can be challenging for those with such gifts plus you’ll hear me talk about different dynamics and how you can transform these lovingly. With an emphasis on self-belief, I hope to encourage you to take the reigns to have more empowering relationships – no matter how sensitive you are to what’s going on in anyone else!

Head to Podbean to hear the whole episode: