The Power of the Heart

There have been some powerful energies and shifts going on this year, haven’t there?  I’ve been riding them and clearing out the old to welcome in the new.  My latest shifts have come from reading “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer.  What a POWERFUL and insightful book that is.  I’m only halfway through and already it’s changing my whole energy and outlook and it’s even helped me understand what I actually do with my clients!  I can’t recommend the book enough.

Now it may sound obvious that I should really know what I’m doing with clients – sure I’ve been trained in ThetaHealing, Esoteric Healing and oracle card reading, but what I REALLY do with clients goes beyond what I’ve been taught on those courses.  You see, I feel powerful energy moving while I work with a client and I intuitively know that I need to witness it moving and help it flow on by.  All of the tools I’ve learned are all ways to help this energy shift to happen.  Then clients feel a lot better and lighter afterwards.  And if I don’t feel the shift during a session, more than likely they will experience some kind of emotion that lasts for a day or so and then leaves.  Thanks to Michael Singer’s wisdom, I now understand what is happening and I can share it with you.

Every time we don’t feel an emotion fully and let it flow, it gets stuck in our energy system and causes a block.  Over time, these blocks build up until we get to a place of being numb to our emotions – our heart puts walls up.  In childhood, we’re taught that certain emotions like anger or sadness, aren’t acceptable and we’re encouraged to hide them.  That’s when our training begins.  And then when we enter the education system, we’re taught that the intellect is more important than the heart.  We have to hide and stuff down everything we’re feeling so we can focus on Maths and English and all the other academic, “important” subjects.

The trouble is, that’s not our natural state and you can’t shut your heart to some emotions and expect to feel full joy or happiness.  You need full anger and sadness to experience full joy and happiness.  And life has a way of throwing curveballs at us in an attempt to smash through those blocks to the heart.  Breakdowns, bereavement, illness, abusive relationships, highly imbalanced political leaders – things like these can be life’s attempts at reopening our closed hearts.

It can be so easy to blame outside situations, but in reality, the most empowering and freeing thing we can do is to go into our own hearts and let them release old, stuck emotions.  And that’s where someone like me comes in – by having tools to help the emotions flow in a safe space, we can gradually unlock the heart to its full potential so we can experience the fullness of what life have to offer.  Richer relationships, more fulfilling jobs, more of the good feeling emotions and all of this regardless of what’s happening in the outer world.  And ironically, we can think more clearly, creatively and intuitively when we’re allowing emotions to flow fully.  The head works better when the heart is fully engaged.

How is your heart doing?  How open do you let it get?  What would life be like if you let it open to full capacity?  I’ll leave you to give these questions a ponder. <3