Messages From The Other Side

Twice today I’ve had the same message – someone who’s passed on is trying to help people who are still alive to finish a creative project.

The first message came about the late Debbie Ford.  She passed away 5 years ago and I wrote about her message of embracing the shadow pieces of ourselves in my last blog post: The Shadow’s Gifts.

According to a post on Facebook by the head of Hay House UK, Debbie wrote a book before she died about standing in your holiness, connected to your spiritual self.  Her sister, Arielle Ford visited a medium and got a message about this book. Debbie’s assistant knew what the book was immediately and found it on Debbie’s hard drive.  The book is now being published by Hay House!

The second message came through a TV programme.  I was planning to get back to work when I got into watching “Medium” – a drama about the crime-solving life of psychic Allison Dubois.  I heard a voice telling me to carry on watching it, so I did.  At the end of the episode, Allison’s daughters helped a man who’d passed to share the end of a song with his musician song.

So twice in one day I’ve got the rather extraordinary message of being living people being helped to produce something creative by their deceased loved ones.

I have no idea what this means for me at the moment, but I do feel a bit emotional thinking about it, so I know there’s something.  Maybe my deceased loved ones are helping me with my book writing.  Maybe it’s telling me they’ve already been helping me – especially my dad.  Who knows?  I love that a voice was telling me to watch the episode to receive the message.

What beautiful affirmations that there’s life after death. There’s so much more to us than what our 5 senses can pick up <3