Love Heals Your Pieces Back Together

  • jmcginn 

The trouble with blocks to success, happiness and love is that you just can’t see them.  They’re such an integral part of your life and your way of doing things, that you just can’t see them.  You can only see the effects of them. The effects of my biggest one were to give and give and give to other people what it was that I craved for myself.  

What I really craved was to have my heart and my needs really heard.  I wasn’t even really doing that fully for myself, let alone allowing anyone else to give it to me.  And it was a block that got in the way.    

A New Chapter Begins

At the moment, I’m training in Hypnotherapy.  It turns out I was already naturally moving towards a more trance-based way of working.  The most important factor in healing is that you trust the client’s mind to know what it needs and let it lead you.  And this discovery is definitely serving me well in hypnotherapy training. Rather than forcing the mind to give you its secrets, holding an open-hearted space of empathy, love and compassion is what allows your clients’ minds to gently open up and reveal their secrets and treasures.  Brute-force healing won’t by-pass the subconscious mind’s defenses. It might give you something to shut you up and get you off its back, but it won’t reveal it’s deepest, most healing truths and secrets.

I’ve found this both as a client to others and as a healer myself.  On the hypnotherapy training, we’re practicing on each other and there were certain ways of going into hypnosis that my mind was point blank refusing to go with.  Which became to route into healing a deep block. 

The Source of the Block

It turned out that having mind games played with me and losing control of my mind was so horrifying to my subconscious that it slammed the door shut – never to be opened until I found the hypnotherapist who I could trust deeply enough to help me open it back up again.  Someone who I knew had worked hard on their own stuff and had developed a huge amount of compassion, self-control and mind mastery to be able to teach my mind it was safe to open it again in a space of true love.

Personally, I had no idea that my mind was so shut.  I pride myself on my open-mindedness and willingness to explore different views.  But it wasn’t so much that other people were shut out, it was that I was shut in. My subconscious mind thought that my inner world was so crazy, so weird…so evil even, that it wasn’t suitable for anyone else to really see.  Of course I know that’s nonsense but at the time my mind shut down, it was running on different programming where intellect was king and the only important part of me.

Despite years of knowing that’s not true and even teaching people that it’s not true, it’s only when we really integrate that learning with the subconscious mind that it can truly take hold in our lives.

The Bigger Lesson

What my hypnotherapy teacher is really teaching me is that my own heart and my own mind are safe spaces.  There’s nothing to fear from what’s inside me. Yes, I have anger, I even have rage sometimes, I have all of the emotions, I’ve been traumatised and my mind has adapted to cope with that.  But it’s only by shutting the door on all these important parts of myself that they cause any problems. Like a child being ignored and trying to get attention, they’re just craving love and connection with the whole of me.

The same is true for you too. 

Every single piece of me and of you is a vital piece of the whole of who we are.  Both who we are individuals and who we are as members of this big earth family down here.  

You can feel shattered into pieces by the mind games and manipulations of others, but over time, with skilled people and with lots of love, you can be made to feel whole again and come out stronger, gentler and more loving than ever before.