Listening To The Soul’s Whispers

The Sacred Messenger (Photo by James Hammond on Unsplash)

Challenges can certainly change us.  Synchronicity can show us the way our souls want to go.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks locked to my computer with the odd bit of meditation and walking to get my submission in for the Hay House Writer’s Workshop competition deadline.   This book has certainly taken me on a journey, that’s for sure.  It’s taken me to places I never expected to go and I feel more complete and whole for it.  If you have an urge to write a book…do it, do it, do it!

When I first envisioned the book (and I was much less psychologically healthy than I am now!), I thought it would be an inspiring love story of eastern boy meets western girl – the reverse of John and Yoko – to inspire peace in modern times.   I can’t actually think of any romantic relationship that has inspired anything more than dreaming of happy ever after now?!  But the peace bit and relationship bit were actually on the right lines for where the book is ending up.

Since then, the book idea has taken me to all kinds of places I never expected to go.  All of the things I’ve struggled with have been pieces of the message in the book.  One of my biggest struggles was romantic relationships.  I studied my arse off to understand how I needed to be showing up to manifest the kind of relationship that I wanted.  But in the process of learning how to manifest a romantic relationship, I lost a lot of anxiety and saw the patterns of control that were running my life.

Last year the book wanted me to explore narcissism because it’s a problem hidden in plain sight and my biggest relationship challenge was from a narcissistic relationship.  All of the study helped me created a programme that can help people find peace in their hearts again after experiencing narcissistic relationships.  The more I helped others, the more I healed myself.

Then the book wanted me to explore money and abundance – 2 more aspects I’ve struggled with.  Money and abundance problems contain an awful lot of limited thinking and stuck emotions.  So by leaning into money and abundance blocks, we can actually clear out the heart and limited thinking to make more space for the soul.

Earlier in the year, I was going to call the book “Badass Spirituality” to try and playfully show the courage, strength and sense of humour you need to go deep into the heart to heal it.   But then synchronicity kept guiding me back to the more gentle and subtle roles I have outside of my business – like Japanese teacher and special needs teaching assistant.  These roles aren’t badass, they require a lot of subtlety.

The deer picture is because that was one of the symbols that popped up to remind to go back to grace and subtlety, rather than in-your-face badassery.  I bought some new oracle cards and pulled cards with deer on. And there’s a story behind the significance of that – as there always is with cool synchronicity.  One of my Japanese students at a sixth form I worked at told me she thought my daemon (from the book “Northern Lights”) would be a deer because I was graceful.  Well, I didn’t have an image of myself as graceful then and I don’t have an image of myself as graceful now(!) but if that’s how a teenage girl describes me, then I must give off that kind of gentle vibe.  So not very badassery at all!!

The deer on the oracle cards was a little sign to think again about my title.  My philosophy I’m developing through the book is called “Pieces to Peace” which came to me the day that teenager told me that.  And I happened to end up sharing that story with Robert Holden at his “Loveability” talk as one of my lovely things that had happened that day.  It was on the way home from that talk that I got that name.

So with that memory stirred in my unconscious mind, I dropped the badass and in the end called the book “Beautiful Pieces”.  I didn’t use “Pieces to Peace” because there’s already a book called “Peace from Broken Pieces”.  And besides, I kind of like beautiful pieces.  The essence of “Pieces to Peace” is to value the smaller pieces that make up the bigger whole, whether that whole is our lives, our human selves or the bigger whole that is humanity.

Each piece of the whole is beautiful in itself.

What I’m really saying is that a soul-led book will take you on a journey through your life and if you go off track, synchronicity will gently guide you back to your truth.  Life is always guiding us to be the truest, wholest and most authentic version of ourselves.

What synchronicity have you experienced recently?

What is your soul whispering to you? <3