Life Is Better When Your Inner Child Is Happy :)

I was recommended this book, “The Wizdom Within” by Dr Irving Oyle, in a Facebook group I’m part of.  I was giving book suggestions on a thread about the Inner Child and another group member mentioned this book.  Unfortunately, it’s now out of print and I really don’t understand why because it’s full of practical wisdoIMG_1514m for transforming difficulties in life.  In fact, I love the ideas so much I’ve asked a few clients to let me practise with them so I can offer them to more people!

Just this evening, I tried them out with a client and it is the technique I’ve been looking for in my card readings!  Well, to tell you the truth, I accidentally stumbled on a similar technique with a client last year to great success but I didn’t know how to repeat the process.  And now this book has given me the answer.  I love getting my clients’ minds to tell them the answers they’re looking for.  I just know with every fibre of my being that each of us has a wealth of wisdom inside that could solve every conceivable problem we’ve ever had –  we just need certain techniques to draw it out.

And actually I don’t really like to call them “readings” because it sounds like all the advice will come from me.  And while I do step in with advice if I notice unhelpful thinking patterns, I love my work to empower clients and students and equip them with practical tools for making life better and better for themselves from within.

What I also love about this book is that it’s drawing together years of study and training in different fields.  I’m absolutely fascinated by the brain and the mind both from an educational/learning point of view and from a healing/personal growth point of view.  My Curious Inner Child loves it!

Oh and one more thing, here’s a link to an Inner Child Meditation I created earlier today to help you get in touch with your own Inner Child’s wisdom.  I hope you have fun with it!

Meet Your Inner Child Meditation