Inner Peace from Emotional Honesty

2 weeks ago I signed up to an online course in tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Psychotherapy) for financial success and personal fulfilment.  I’ve known about tapping for a couple of years but for some reason it’s really resonating with me now.  I’m feeling so much inner peace after I do the tapping exercises and I feel much calmer inside.  It’s also taught me that despite all the inner work I’ve done to raise my vibration, modern life really is stressful and we need to take time to have a daily stress detox.

If you’re not familiar with tapping, it’s basically a fusion of Eastern Medicine and Western Psychology.  You gently tap on certain acupuncture points on the body which represent each of the meridians where the “chi” or “ki” universal energy flows through.  Plus while tapping on these points, you say out loud the thoughts that are bothering you and express the emotions coming up underneath those thoughts.  Here’s a link to The Tapping Solution website where you can find out more.

I love how the tapping process encourages us to be honest about where we are and how we feel as we tap on those acupuncture points.  I’ve always found the truth to hold a lot of power.  Blocking the truth for any reason causes an enormous amount of internal stress and takes our energy systems out of harmony.  But expressing the truth, no matter how awful it may seem at first, allows energy to flow naturally – particularly when we are emotionally honest with ourselves.  Expressing our truth is incredibly healing and the great thing about using tapping as you express the truth is that the gentle tapping is sending calming signals to the brain as well as encouraging the “chi” or “ki” to flow through the body better.  Thoughts and emotions are also made of universal energy, so they need to be restored to natural flow too.  Once we get back to the natural flow, that seemingly awful truth loses its power and we can relax into life more.

Getting in touch with our emotions is a difficult process because as a society, we don’t know what to do with them.  They’re generally seen as “bad” or “good” and it’s a criticism to be “emotional”.  But at the same time many people have an awareness that Emotional Intelligence is a great skill to have.  Emotional Intelligence basically means being conscious of emotions and bringing them into awareness so that appropriate action can be taken.  I’m a highly emotional person and feel others’ emotions too, so for years I struggled with overwhelm from emotions and the energetic charges they hold.  Energy healing practices have helped a lot and so has journalling (where I write out my thoughts and feelings with complete honesty.)  But over time, I just kept getting overwhelmed by other’s “stuff” during the day.  Tapping doesn’t eliminate this – it’s part of modern life.  But it’s proving to be a powerful tool for letting go of that accumulated “stuff” quickly and effectively so I can get back to the real me.

And life is giving plenty of opportunities to see for myself how emotional honesty promotes better connections.  Privately and professionally, emotionally honest conversations have brought about a much deeper level of connection with others.  At the moment, I’m working in a special needs school a few days a week and am really seeing how giving emotions space to be expressed can help so much with connection, cooperation and give students more space for learning.  When our brains aren’t overwhelmed with trying to deal with emotions,  they can relax into learning, creativity and inspiration – much higher cognitive abilities.

Meditation, mindfulness, journalling, inner child work along with tapping are all ways that we can be more emotionally honest in productive, peace-producing ways.  I do wonder whether we could prevent so many tragedies in this world if we taught everyone how to manage and handle emotions in ways that promote connection, authenticity and harmony.