Inner Child Magic Sessions

These sessions are a fun and engaging way to solve your problems. And at the same time, you get to learn to trust your intuition and your subconscious mind. We can go on all kinds of adventures with your Inner Child to bring through the creativity, emotional intelligence and sense of play and wonder that unlocks solutions like magic.

How The Session Works

I guide you into light hypnosis and take you to your very own sanctuary. From there, we meet your inner child and then invite your inner child and your subconscious to take us on a healing journey. Your subconscious mind brings in signs, symbols and characters to represent problems and stuck energy and then we ask your brilliant creative mind to come up with the solutions.

It’s really amazing what insights can come through and how the symbols can have multiple meanings that bubble up after the session has finished. A truly wise part of your mind guides the sessions to the solutions you need.

The possibilities for these sessions are endless! You might:

  • visit a childhood memory
  • meet an inner mentor or guide who gives you advice
  • visit a past life
  • decorate and upgrade your sanctuary
  • get a symbolic clue to a solution to your problem (your subconscious can do this so elegantly!)

Along the way, you receive energy healing from my spiritual healing team and yours to give you a fun and fascinating adventure that leaves you feeling energised, uplifted and ready for the next level.

Follow this link to book and pay for your 90 minute session in one easy step: