Reconnect To Joy After Controlling and Narcissistic Relationships

Pieces to Peace
The Pieces to Peace Programme By Jacqui


I shouldn’t have been left with that narcissistic man as a child.  It just wasn’t safe.”

“My mind felt totally shattered by the mind games.”

“I was so stupid to let it happen to me.”

“Why didn’t I leave sooner?”

Only those who’ve felt the shattering effects of being in any kind of relationship with a controlling or narcissistic person can know how it feels.  Your whole reality and perception are warped by the lies, manipulation and subtle put-downs.  You can lose your sense of self and question your own sanity.   You think there’s something wrong with you and you’re blamed frequently for the problems they create.  Worse still, it seems like no-one else can see it.

But the people targeted are the very people that can co-create a more caring, nurturing, equal and peaceful society for everyone.  Caring, sensitive empaths can see the underlying pain in a controlling person and want to help heal it.  Empaths know deep down that a better world is possible and that there are far too many toxic emotions keeping humanity trapped in unhealthy patterns.   They KNOW it’s possible to heal them.  The trouble is that healing can only happen when a person is 100% willing and committed to their own healing and the healer needs to set sacred boundaries to honour their work.  It can’t be forced.

On a heart and soul level, empaths can gain much spiritual growth and understanding from controlling relationships.  They expand your mind and consciousness beyond society’s norms so that you can think in unique and creative ways.  And then once the walls around the heart are taken down, the true power and potential of humanity shines bright. It’s a harsh and deep lesson to open your heart after experiencing so much pain and suffering but it’s where our true power and freedom lie.

“Jacqui helped me uncover and correct unhelpful beliefs and as uncomfortable as it was at times, I have been left with a feeling of being complete and whole for the first time. Things have changed in my inner and outer world. My energies are no longer scattered and I have cleared so much project and people clutter!! The result is that I feel more focused, calmer and the daily low-lying sadness is no longer there.” (S.S. based in England) 

My Encounter with Narcissism

How do I know what you need?  Because I’ve been there myself.  Shortly before my father died of cancer, I had what Carl Jung would call a “creative illness” and what most people would call a breakdown.  I opened my heart to a narcissistic person and got sucked into mind games that shattered my mind and heart into pieces.   I rode an intense rollercoaster of emotion that was fuelled by lack of sleep, an overactive imagination and believing that if I would just be the perfect person, I would get the loving relationship that I yearned for.  And after I was on my knees, the mind games continued.

There seemed to be so much synchronicity and adventure that I was sure this man was heaven sent – surely he was “the one” I was supposed to be with…  I followed the mind games hoping for another taste of the love that seemed promised.

But sobbing and slumped on the floor of my kitchen, I had an image that he’d taken my heart away, smashed it into pieces and handed it back broken and with pieces missing.  And I had no idea what he’d done to it.

But all the while, I knew deep in my heart that even though I was hurting, someday I would turn my pain into a way to help others.  I swore that I would find out what happened so that I could prevent others going through the same pain.  I thought such experiences were rare.  Sadly, it’s not true.  Such experiences are far too common.

Discovering The Keys To Healing

After my breakdown, my first healer and teacher was Carl Jung whose books taught me about the unconscious mind and how our inside world and outside worlds are interconnected  – especially through synchronicity and signs (the owl is my sign for Jung).  Then “The Celestine Prophecy” expanded on the idea of synchronicity and introduced the idea of how patterns laid down in childhood affect the rest of our lives.  Put the 2 together and that was the spark that ignited the passion for the healing work I do now.

Since that breakdown and those mind games in 2003, I’ve never stopped studying, learning, reading, energy clearing, healing and training and never will.  I’ve released myself from the confusion, toxic shame, shattered mind and heartbreak and am truly grateful I had that experience because it brought me to this path and helped me to eventually find deep inner peace and more importantly – help others find the same.

“Lots of people are surprised that I’m managing better than expected (not so sure about it) – one of techniques I use is my energy healing and clearing- I also took fabulous opportunity offered by Jacqui McGinn who I know for many years now and have experienced and seen her growth and experience just grow – she is nonjudgmental, very nurturing and simply lovely person – I highly recommend her healing services and if you are not sure just simply go and check out what she offers 👌 “(N.L. based in Southern England)

Helping You Return to Your True Self

I’ve created this 9 stage process to help you heal from narcissistic relationships and get back to living the truest, highest version of you.  Your Inner Child will feel safe, nurtured and comfortable with me and will help me lead you back to your truest divine self.  I’ll help you gradually strengthen you inner world so that you can listen to the truth of your soul and let it heal and guide you.  That really is the key – after so many lies in the outer world, you need space for the strength of your truth in your inner world.

I have to be honest, I created this programme for a specific client with no idea whether it would really work but the results surpassed anything I could have dreamed of!  I’ve put my heart and soul into creating and developing this programme because it’s why I’m here and I absolutely love this programme and each client who resonates with it.

Everyone’s experience is different but here are some of the effects my clients have found with this spiritual healing programme :

  • finally reach goals they were struggling for years with
  • managing difficult relationships
  • deal with ongoing trauma and sadness effectively
  • rebuild their confidence in themselves and in life
  • set stronger boundaries
  • hold a stronger space for their clients
  • regain a sense of clarity, safety, peace and strength
  • feel more optimistic about the future
  • know that their needs are important
  • open up to greater abundance

“Jacqui’s sessions have helped me heal my inner child and finally find peace 💜 I was always scared of this point because I thought forgiving him would make me vulnerable again. In fact it’s the opposite. I feel stronger than ever.” (S.S. based in England)

Programme Outline

This programme is for those 100% committed to changing their situation and reconnecting to joy.  The sessions involve deep and powerful healing and life will bring more messages and healing in between sessions, so you need to be ready to go all out and manage the messages and emotions in-between sessions.  It IS hard work, but the energy clearing goes deep.

I’ve been getting amazing feedback from clients who’ve taken the programme.  Even part way through they’re noticing themselves standing in their own power and saying a firm and calm “no” to the demands of family and work colleagues that aren’t in alignment with their highest good.

This is the outline for the programme, but your truth and intuition are the most important healing tools, so we’ll follow their wise guidance and if it differs from the planned structure below, so be it.

To get the best from the programme, ideally you need to have gone non-contact with the narcissist or controlling person so that they can’t interfere with the process.

1. Safe Space and Pure Consciousness – Being Your True Essence
The first thing you need is to create a safe space inside your being.  This is your centre, the quiet place where you can hear your soul’s healing wisdom and allow yourself to be pure consciousness.  I’ll guide you to create a safe, peaceful inner sanctuary in your heart that you can access whenever you need it.  Once you have this beautiful, nurturing sanctuary, we’ll begin the energy clearing and belief work that will strengthen your energy system.

2. Rebuilding Your Energy System and Boundaries – Strengthening Safe Space
Feel more centred and calm as I help you build a stronger aura around yourself.  This helps you relax and feel more peaceful, centred, safe and confident.  We’ll use ThetaHealing techniques to clear out the noise of the controlling person’s energy from your system.

3. Trust Your Body’s Messages – Cultivating Intuition
Your body always knows the truth and is trying to communicate it to you.  In this session, we’ll connect with the body and explore its messages in a way that makes sense to the mind.  It’s amazing how a lot of physical pain can ease with this process.

4. Connect with your Inner Child – Let Go of Past Disempowering Messages
Many of the patterns that keep us in narcissistic relationships far longer than we should, were wired into us in childhood.  So we need to bring the Inner Child forward to reverse those patterns.  We’ll listen to him/her and meet her needs, so you can feel more of those higher child-like qualities like joy, curiosity, wonder and free-spirited play.

5. Balancing the Masculine and Feminine – Restoring Balance
Narcissistic relationships can get you totally out of balance.  Using creative visualisation, we’ll get your masculine and feminine energies working in balance and harmony with each other inside you so that you can regain your balanced centre and avoid being pulled into another narcissist’s drama.

6. Releasing Resentment – Raising your Vibration and Deepening your Spiritual Learning
Resentment that’s stuck in your mind, body and spirit can weigh you down and keep you stuck, feeling bitter and separated from your divinity.  It also weighs down on your Inner Child, cutting off her sense of play.  We’ll dive deep with ThetaHealing to release resentment at its core so that you can feel lighter and freer and let the past go.

7. Forgiveness of Yourself – The Path to Freedom 
Forgiveness is the ultimate in true love and is the foundation to lasting inner peace and freedom.  Forgiveness doesn’t say that what happened is OK, it’s saying that you choose not to be held back by what happened to you.  True forgiveness is a whole mind, body and spirit process, which is why you need an energy healer to help and guide the sessions and hold the sacred space for the process.

8. Forgiveness of the Other – Take Back Your Power
Forgiveness is the ultimate in true love and is the foundation to lasting inner peace and freedom.  Forgiveness doesn’t say that what happened is OK, it’s saying that you choose not to be held back by what happened to you.  True forgiveness is a whole mind, body and spirit process, which is why you need an energy healer to help and guide the sessions and hold the sacred space for the process.  . Forgiveness of the other – take back your power

9. Connect With Your Heart’s Unique Magic – Get Ready To Fly
You have a unique gift that you’re here for.  All of the other sessions are a deep dive into the psyche but this session is about soaring to your greatest heights <3 We’ll get to the essence of what lights you up, so that you can get on with doing what you’re on earth to do!

After all 9 sessions have finished, we’ll have a 10th session about a month after the last session to check in with how you’re doing and how it’s going integrating the new energies.  You will be invited a private, secret facebook group where you can be the first to receive any updates on what we’re learning collectively about to transform narcissism into evolution to higher consciousness.

Programme Details

If you’re ready to commit 100% to this programme and do the deep dive into your heart space to heal, I would absolutely love to assist you.  This is a powerful programme that can get uncomfortable along the way, so you do need to be ready to go for it.  And if you do, peace, understanding, freedom and joy are waiting for you on the other side.

The programme consists of 10 sessions of 60 minutes, plus an initial consultation of 60 minutes and a follow up/check in session of 60 minutes.  The investment for this programme is currently £1111 payable in one go or through a 2-5 month payment plan.  But I am looking for 2-3 people to do the programme and have the sessions recorded so that snippets can be used in marketing and to create an online version of the programme.  For this, I’m offering the programme at the much reduced price of £333 on the understanding that the sessions will be recorded.  I’m more than happy to have a no-obligation chat if you have questions.  I really do love this programme and want to make an online version that is affordable and just as transformative .

The sessions take place online via Zoom and I recommend that you take them once a week or once a fortnight.  You’ll be able to email/message me between sessions for questions, queries or problems that come up in between sessions.    Life and source energy will be working with us on the programme to help raise you to that higher and truer version of you so there may well be challenges that bring inner blocks to light so we can deal with them.

Plus once you’ve finished, you’ll have access to all of the main healing processes that we do together and access to a secret facebook group for sharing insights and tips.

Let’s start with a complimentary discovery session worth £77.  Just email me at or go straight to my schedule HERE.   

Here’s recent  participant Sam chatting about how the programme helped deepen her work in sound healing.  As well as more about being a forest school leader and the impact of childhood on the rest of our lives and choices (which is part of what the programme addresses).

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