Clear Thinking For Business Success

Aka “ARGHHHHHH!  What the f*ck do I do?!” sessions. 

Stress switches off your logical thinking and blocks your intuition leaving you ready to Stress and overwhelm blocks your logic and intuition.  Click the link to book your session. 

You and ONLY YOU know what your business needs.  

Your business comes from your heart and you’re one of the fiery, passionate small business owners here to “stick it to the man” and end the rule of big corporates who put big numbers and profits over people and the environment – risking the future of our children and grandchildren.  You’re sick to death of businesses and coaches who have no frickin’ idea about what working with the heart looks like and who railroad you with their ideas.  And completely fail to listen to your intuitive wisdom. 

But what do you do when clear, logical thinking gives way to the fear, worry, anxiety and dread of the business problems you’re facing?  

There are plenty of coaches who would swoop in and give you their solution.  But you know that the solutions you need are INSIDE you.  You just need help to hear them.

When your emotional mind is running in strong fear mode, there’s not enough space or energy for your logical mind to think clearly and create a plan of action.  On top of that, there’s not enough space for your amazing intuition either.

A “Clear Thinking” session is an online Zoom session centred on problem-solving for your business.  We create space for your intuition and logic to work together to solve your problems and clear away that runaway stress and emotion.   And from that space, spiritual guidance can come in for you to bolster your self-esteem and love for your business path too. 

A 1 hour session is £77.  Follow this link to book and pay for your session in one easy go:

Let’s get you feeling back in control and on top of those challenges that come to every business owner!  

Why work with Jacqui? 

My first career was teaching and that meant that I got to thoroughly understand learning and what makes for clear thinking.  When I did my PGCE, I studied Brain-Based Learning and had skilled teaching mentors.  

As an energy healer, I learned more and more about emotion and how it inhibits clear thinking when its blocked and how it can supercharge your intuition when its flowing.  

Now as a trainee hypnotherapist, my understanding of the mind and the brain and how to optimise them is consolidating and I can rapidly help dispel unhelpful thoughts and emotions and strengthen helpful thoughts and emotions.  The result is that you have more space for your intuition and spiritual guidance too.