One-to-One Sessions

60 Minute Psychic Energy Healing Session

Using oracle cards, ThetaHealing and/or visualisations, we’ll dive deep into your psyche (soul) and make the changes you need to make to stay aligned to your true self and let go of struggle.

I tend to work with powerful energies and go very deep, very quickly so these sessions are best for those who have experience of inner exploration through therapy or energy healing already.  The inner child tends to make an appearance and we can give him or her what she needs to feel safe and secure well after the session finishes.

I love seeing the magic unfold as your psyche tells me what it needs to connect back to your truth and we work together to help you shine and sparkle even more.  You’ll also get guidance on what to do next and we can set up accountability for your next step too for when you want that extra nudge to get it done.

The energy investment is £77 for 60 minutes (77 is the year of my birth and of Star Wars too – a great representation of the archetypes in the psyche!!)


Depending on your needs, a package of sessions focused towards a particular outcome, intention or goal tends to bring stronger, more tangible results.

3 sessions plus consultation: £222 (£74 per session)

4 sessions plus consultation: £277 (£69.25 per session)

5 sessions plus consultation: £333 (best value at £66.60 per session)

Suitable for struggles with life goals, seeking a new relationship, inner child issues, relationship problems.

Deeper Healing


If you’re a spiritually-minded business owner who feels blocked and held back by a past narcissistic relationship, my signature programme is the most suitable package for you.  Have a look here: Spiritual healing from narcissism programme.

If you’d like to learn the ThetaHealing technique for yourself so you can help yourself and others, check out my ThetaHealing training courses here.

Call 07794 975304 or email to book.  Sessions are done online over Skype/FaceTime/Zoom

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