Work With Me

All the answers you need are inside.  Using Oracle Cards, ThetaHealing and visualisations, we’ll dive deep into your psyche (soul) and make the deep changes you need to make to step into aligned with who you really are and let go of struggle.  We’ll look at your struggles from a spiritual perspective that brings through fast solutions that can transform your life.  It’s kind of like hypnotherapy but with you completely awake and actively participating in the session with me.

I’m all about integrity.  These sessions really can be transformational but you have to be ready to go DEEP!  The depth is where the magic is.  This is very much about co-creating a better life for you.  You do the visualising and problem solving while I guide you to use your inner knowing.  While you’re visualising, I help the energy shift and clear. 

The energy investment is £150 for 90 minutes.  Click here to book a free 30 min discovery session via Zoom.  Let’s chat about what you need and how I can help.