How I Healed My Facebook Addiction

I knew energy healing could help with all kinds of issues but I didn’t know it could help with addictions.  In my practice I choose to focus on emotional issues rather than the physical illness that you usually think of with healing.   But recently I played about with new techniques I learned and discovered how to cut an addiction.  I thought I’d share the inside story.

I was a pretty heavy Facebook user but since using a cool technique to get to the root of it, I’ve become a light user and the difference to my energy has been fab.  Every day Facebook is full of different opinions, snapshots of the good bits of life, adverts targeted to tempt you.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love Facebook and it’s been an awesome tool for connecting with people and staying connected, but like anything that becomes an addition – it’s masking something deeper going on.  Any addiction is the ego’s way of avoiding facing some truth.  It was time to face my truth.

Fate Intervenes

I was asking the universe and angels for help to cut my Facebook usage for months.  Then one day fate intervened and I knew this was my chance.  Facebook put me on their naughty step and banned me from reacting to stories for a week. No likes, loves, ha-has, sad faces, wows or angry faces.  I don’t really know why, because I hadn’t liked any more than usual.  I could post and comment but just not react to anything.  Weird!

As part of my punishment, Facebook logged me out of every device – computer, iPad and iPhone.  I had to login on my computer, go through a verification check and change my password.  So my first step on the road to healthier Facebook use was to delete the app from my phone.   I knew if I let time elapse, I’d never remember the new password and wouldn’t be able to login to the app even if I downloaded it again!  So this space away from temptation helped me to do the deeper work of uncovering the source of the problem.

Energy Cords

Next I explored whether I had a negative energy cord to Facebook.  It’s difficult for the logical mind to grasp the idea of energy cords.  But energy cords connect us for better or worse to things we do and don’t want in our lives.  Negative cords drag your energy down and positive cords lift you up.  You can have cords to people, ideas and anything that you’re addicted to or anything that boost you.  There’s a classic cord-cutting procedure where you go to a relaxed place and call in Archangel Michael to cut them.  I’d done that a few times but it didn’t seem to last.

Unless you get to the root of why you let the cord form in the first place, it’s highly likely to come back.  That’s where this book came to the rescue:

Denise Linn has encyclopaedic knowledge of all things energy and space clearing.  “Energy Strands” answered questions I didn’t even know I had!

Denise has loads of ways to find and cut cords.  The one that resonates with me is using a pendulum.  You can ask the pendulum yes or no questions to find information about the cord, then you can use the pendulum to cut it.  My pendulum said “no” to me having a negative cord to Facebook – good news!  But I had a negative cord to technology and that was at the root of the addiction.

The key to permanently releasing the cord is finding out what the payoff for it is. My negative cord to technology got set up during a period of unrequited love.  I was checking and checking my email and texts (it was 2003, so it was pre-Facebook) for any sign of interest or acknowledgement.  Every now and then I’d get really romantic, poetic messages that made me feel amazing and special but they were few and far between.  I handed over my power to technology for the occasional dopamine hit of an text or email from this love interest.

Cutting the Cord

I’ve changed a lot since that time and I don’t tend to give away my power to anyone else to help me feel good now.  But there’s always stuff in the past that keeps our unhealthy patterns and addictions in place.  Finding the source of it – like this time in the past – means your own natural healing abilities can kick in to leave it in the past.  Once I’d journaled on all the stuff that came up from the past, I asked the pendulum if I was ready to cut the cord and got a “yes”.

To actually cut the cord, I held the pendulum at the top where it could swing freely.  Then I held it level with the top of my head at arms length and gradually lowered it with the intention to cut the cord.  As I moved it down my energy field, I could feel the energy in my chakras moving and shifting.  Doing the exploration work first was the key to bringing on this shift in energy.  My unconscious mind knew where the source of the problem was and that meant it could heal it.

It felt much lighter after I did that but I noticed I was still using other social media too much.  So I had another explore and found one more cord to be cut – I had one to my phone itself.  This one was far more superficial and from my ego!  By looking busy on my phone, I look popular and successful to other people around, so I can get their acceptance and respect.  The ego does have it’s funny ways of trying to get love and attention out of people!

Life with Less Facebook

I find Facebook is the easiest social media platform to fall down a rabbit hole in – the endless videos plays, the articles, the anticipation of responses to what you post.  Twitter and Instagram seem less addictive somehow.

It’s meant that I’m more focused on my business page and can keep track of it more easily.  I’m not a social media marketing queen (far from it!) but having a little more space in my mind to think about what I’m actually posting is really helpful.  There’s more space in my head and heart and my focus has improved.

Of course, this was only a mild addiction and I’m a pretty self-aware person, so it was pretty easy to shift.  But it does help to develop more compassion for people who have more severe addictions.  If you have to face the pain underneath the addiction to stop destructive behaviour, you need courage and you need strength.  In my work now, I work with people who’ve been through narcissistic relationships.  Narcissists are people who are addicted to feeling special.  For the most part, they’re not intentionally trying to hurt or destroy people around, they just don’t have healthy ways to cope with the underlying pain.  It doesn’t mean that we should stick around and let ourselves be treated badly, but it does mean it’s easier to forgive when you understand your own unhealthy patterns of addiction.  Every single one of us in the western world has shadows that we’re hiding from.

Summary of the Steps

So here’s a summary of the steps you can go through to cut your own cords.

  1. Ask the angels/universe/creator for help with a problem and trust what you get
  2. Ask your intuition whether you have a negative cord to an aspect of the problem
  3. Explore your reasons for having the cord.  What’s the psychological pay off for keeping this problem in your life?
  4. When you’re unearthed the reason for it, choose a cord cutting method such as a meditation with Archangel Michael to use his sword or a pendulum
  5. See how things change
  6. If you notice the problem is still there, have another explore of what else you were corded to.
  7. Find the underlying reasons for it.
  8. Enjoy your new freedom!

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