Healthy Habits, Healthy Life

  • jmcginn 
Jacqui and Leonie of Eat Wright

Your life is created by the tiny choices you make in each moment. What’s going on in your subconscious mind will influence whether those choices are healthy ones or unhealthy ones. ThetaHealing® and hypnotherapy are great for changing what’s going on your mind, but it’s then up to you to keep making those healthy choices to keep the work going.

Weight loss in particular is an area where it’s your habits that have a huge impact. With hypnotherapy we can get to the root of where a bad eating habit started – one that you just can’t shake, like scoffing chocolate when you’re bored or having too big portions or being unable to have a different meal yourself. Once we’ve solved those issues, what kind of food choices do you make for optimum health?

Healthy Eating Habits

Leonie Wright of Eat Wright (featured in the photo with me at Guildford Wellness Day) has the solution for the practical changes to your diet that you can make. Leonie herself used a nutrition plan to solve her health issues of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even migraines using a change in diet.

There are so many confusing messages about what’s healthy and what’s not. Here’s Leonie’s handy guide to healthy breakfasts to get you started:

She has recipe books and recipe ideas on her blog for healthy and delicious meals. I sampled her recipes at Guildford Wellness Day and kept coming back throughout the day because they were so good!

So let’s get your unconscious habits sorted with hypnotherapy and then open up a world of healthy, nutritious eating with Leonie’s blogs and her eating plan to take your health and wellbeing to another level.