To Heal A Broken Heart and Mind

  • jmcginn 
My Wish for You

That you heal your broken heart and broken mind so they’re stronger in love than ever before
That you know, honour and feel the extraordinary power of your own heart and mind
That you transform your pain into love
That you let go of fear of your own power
That you feel safe in yourself, in your heart, in your mind and in life
That you learn to trust yourself again
That you connect with your unique talents and share them
That you have the courage to be absolutely true to yourself
That you surround yourself with cheerleaders who love, support, encourage and validate you
That you strictly limit time with people who put you down or squash your dreams
That you follow your heart
That you know the throughout your whole being that you are loved and wanted
That your inner child is happy and free to enjoy every moment
That the goddess within you is free to experience the sensuality, vibrancy and natural cycles of life
That you connect with you natural curiosity, wonder, creativity, playfulness and your sense of exploration and adventure
That you feel safe and secure in your home
That you live your dreams and manifest an incredible life for yourself beyond your wildest dreams
That you follow your joy
That you recognise how extraordinary your physical body and all its intricacies and precision is
That you love and flow with your natural emotions
That you free up and clear away blocked emotions
That you love your flows and your shadow and recognise their gifts
That you clear your heart of pain, trauma and trapped emotion while never forget the lessons they brought you
That you never dim your light to let someone else feel less uncomfortable
That you thrive in your work and business and welcome a stream of customer, students and clients whose lives are transformed through you gift
That you listen to your heart every step of the way
That you nourish your mind with kindness and compassion like you would for a small child
That you detach from your past and only carry forward the memories that bring you joy and the lessons that helped you open your heart

From my heart to yours, Jacqui xxx

Here’s my spiritual lessons guide to help you get started on your journey back to loving yourself after your heart and mind have been broken: