Favourite Testimonial So Far… ;)

  • jmcginn 

“Weird Shit happens when you’re around!”

a client who worked with me in 2017 and is now transforming her career!

I absolutely adore this testimonial!  It’s all about the woo!   This former client met me for coffee and a catch up this morning.  

The “weird shit” she’s referring to is that synchronicity intensifies when I’m around.  We did a lot of inner child work together and I have to say that she really helped me refine the way I do inner child work.  Her natural skill and creativity showed me just how cool visualisation journeys can be for shifting shit that just needs to go.

Just before we met, she was thinking about a particular type of business service she needed and I handed her the details of someone who could help her.  I think she was a tad freaked out that I seemed to read her mind!  

I can’t wait to see her flying in her new business.  She’s so talented and had no idea of the level of skill she had.  And that’s the trouble so many of us have with the skills we have, isn’t it?  When something comes so naturally and so easily, it’s easy to dismiss it.  And yet, I KNOW she can transform lives with this ability. 

Woohoo!  Bring on more and more “weird shit” and transformation 🙂