Energy Flow, Health and Ki

  • jmcginn 

Japanese is such a fascinating language. I always wanted to speak a language fluently. I tried French and Norwegian and the reason I was successful in becoming fluent in Japanese is because I made friends. By making friends, it meant that I connected heart-to-heart and then the language came naturally. Learning in a classroom cut off from real people meant I couldn’t learn the other languages.

Now I live in the UK, I help people – especially Reiki teachers and practitioners – explore the Japanese words more deeply. There’s so much more to Japanese words and the ones used in Reiki. Just the character and concept for “ki” is so matter-of-fact in Japan that I’m sure my Japanese friends wouldn’t even notice how much they use it.

There is a beautiful connection with the ebb and flow of life in Japan. Every day you’ll mention this life force energy. The way you ask someone how they are is amazing – “genki desu ka?” “Genki” is “origin of life force”, so you’re asking someone if they’re the “origin of life force”. How cool is that? So much more alive than “how are you?” and “I’m fine.”

Japan ranks highly for longevity and I’m pretty that this subtle connection to natural flows is one of the major factors in that.

Remembering to connect to the subtle flow of energy that runs through our lives really helps to calm the mind and plug into who we really are.

I’ve created a quick process to remind you of these flows and lift your mood. It’s a fusion of different energy healing modalities. Just follow this link to sign up and plug yourself back in for free: