Emotions Lead To Insights – The Silent Minute Insights

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Hello fellow explorer

I’d like to share with you the first part of a story of a cool little creative adventure that I’ve been on and the healing it lead me to.  My hope is that the story invites some kind of activation or reclamation of a lost piece of you, or that it sparks inspiration for what your soul is calling you to step into now.   

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that in December 2019, throughout Advent I did The Glastonbury Silent Minute for Peace every evening at 9pm GMT.  (And if you don’t follow me on social media – you know that’s what I did now!) If you joined me for any of the sessions, thank you so much! I do hope you received special guidance on how to create more peace in your part of the world. 

This first part of the story takes a look at the creative project I started and the emotions that guided me to deeper insights on peace.  

Background and Inspiration

The inspiration for holding the Silent Minute came from 2 sources that synchronised and magnified each other.  The first was reading the book “The Illusion of Money” which to me is pure creative inspiration in a book (for full disclosure – that’s my Amazon affiliate link!) . I can’t recommend that book enough!  It fired me up to do something different and challenge myself to show up with an open, creative curiosity and receptivity to life. 

Then while I was pondering the message of that book and wondering what creative project I could start, a magazine arrived from Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury.  Earlier in 2019, I’d become a member (or companion as they call it) of Chalice Well when I went there to set intentions for my book and oracle card deck that I want to create.  The members’ magazine had an article on the Silent Minute and talked about how during WW2, the Silent Minute became a subtly powerful weapon of peace. It’s been said that it helped the allies to win the war.  Still today the Silent Minute is done every day at Chalice Well at noon and 3pm.  

As I read about the Silent Minute and the power behind it, I felt inspiration bubble up through my body and mind.  The book that I’m writing is called Pieces to Peace and while it’s a personal journey, it’s also about our individual roles in bringing sustainable peace to Earth.  The Silent Minute is an opportunity to receive intuitive guidance on how we can practically do that. So I decided that my creative experiment would be to hold a daily Silent Minute throughout Advent on my FB page and just see what would happen. 

Freedom and Control

Now, the way that I chose to do the Silent Minute was symptomatic of something deeper that my soul was trying to get me to see.   In the background, there was a burning desire to change how businesses and business owners interact with people online. After 5 years in business, I’d become utterly fed up and disillusioned with the online world of people telling me they knew what I needed to be successful and then failing again and again.  What I REALLY needed was space to hear my soul and let it take the lead.    

I didn’t want to turn The Silent Minute into a way to “nurture my audience” or get subscribers/likes/FB group members.  That just didn’t feel right. It was more about creating community around this idea of peace – and giving people absolutely freedom in how they do that.  And the rebellious streak in me simply wanted to go against every piece of marketing and sales advice I’d ever heard! So I made it completely open and free with no sign up, no need to join a group and no insistence that you join me live.  I wanted everyone to feel free to do it just exactly how they wanted.  

Later, I’d discover that part of my own inner child was driving the desire to make the Silent Minute so utterly free and boundless. It was a powerful mirror to my inner world. It showed me how averse I am to any form of seeing control in relationships – be they personal or business. In my world control in relationship means an imbalance of power where one person is projecting superiority over another and uses influence tricks and techniques to gain what they want and need from the relationship – at the expense of the other person.  It’s the opposite of being who we really are.  I wanted the Silent Minute to be about equality and freely coming together as equals – being who we really are.  And I knew that the guidance coming through would be far better in a free and open space.

On Christmas Eve – the last day of my Silent Minute project – a piece of writing for my book came through on manipulation and control. It was the last little piece of writing to complete the draft of my book before sending it off to my writing coach. As I wrote, utter hatred and disgust at manipulation and control spewed through the keyboard into my google doc.  The events I’m mainly writing about in my book involved being manipulated by someone through email and the internet (long before the online world of coaching and programmes was created).  As I wrote, my whole body clenched in fury and disgust at the subtle control and manipulation I’d encountered and that I’d allowed myself to play along with back then.  It felt like I didn’t have a choice.  But that was illusion. 

Emotions clear, Perspectives Shift

After that honest emotional expression passed through in my writing, my perspective on marketing and building relationships in business online shifted.  The underlying fury and disgust of my own past experiences was magnifying my disappointment with what I’d experienced in my business growth journey.  I began to see marketing and blogging as a way of connecting with fellow consciousness and soul explorers who may or may not one day become a reader or client if we’re a good fit.  There was no need to bring any control or manipulation into the equation – just as control and manipulation aren’t necessary in any human to human relationships. I saw the sign-up process, the giving your email address to a business as so much more than just getting some free information. I saw it as a way to enter a community of like-minded people and then check it out to see if it’s a good fit.  Perhaps The Silent Minute done in a space of clearer, more defined community that could gather in a fixed, contained space could have cranked up its potency. 

But it was only by diving in fully in such a free way that I could discover the underlying “stuff” that needed expression and see the opportunity to co-create a community of people passionate about taking practical steps to literally bring peace on earth.  And it also helped me get to the root of this utter hatred of control and people telling me what to do and how to think in my business.  The thing is, if there are strong feelings going on behind decisions to do something in a certain way, there’s a strong possibility that there’s some unfinished stuff lurking in the psyche that needs healing. 

Deeper Into Healing

In the next blog post, the story continues with the discovery of a lost piece of my inner child.  For now, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve shared with you.  Maybe a spark of inspiration came or you saw how your emotions have been guiding you to some deeper insights.  You can email me at jacqui@jacquimcginn.com if you’d like to share or message me on FB at Intuitive Jacqui.

Till next time!

Jacqui xxx