Deep Down You Know What You Need

  • jmcginn 

When you have a problem or when you’re around someone who has a problem, it’s often tempting to jump in with advice to fix the problem there and then.  But when someone leaps in with advice, it often comes from a limited ego perspective.  No one else can know the intricacies of the spiritual path that each person is walking.  Contrast that with when you’re held in a space where someone knows that you have the ability to solve and fix your own problems and holds you in a space of love to connect with your intuition.  Doesn’t that feel better just reading it? 

Spiritual teaching is about love.  When there’s more space in your head, heart and your whole energetic space for love, your intuition can flourish.  You can pass through spiritual lessons faster because there’s more space to see the bigger picture and get back to love.  And when someone holds a loving space for you to do that, it’s incredible what healing and insights can come through. 

All of my sessions are intended to give you a loving space where your intuition can flourish.  My favourite feedback from clients is that my sessions are empowering.  I’m connected to powerful loving, healing energies that can help you, but both me and these energies will always encourage you to listen to your intuition first and feel into what’s right for you.  There is so much wisdom, strength, power and ability to heal yourself right inside you that you just need the right kind of space to tap into it. 

Held In Gentle Spiritual Power

I had a session with the lovely Marie Houlden who does similar work to me.  It reaffirmed the power of being held in a space of love, non-judgement and gentle spiritual power.  Receiving what I give to other people was a powerful experience that showed me just how transformational our kind of work is.  So many solutions and insights popped up that I would never have seen before.  It took me right to the core of what I’m on earth to do – encourage those who are unique, special and rare to go within to bring their unique gifts and insights out into the world.  

Those of us on this path often crave a deep spiritual connection with a soulmate.  But at the same time, would rather be alone than with someone who will quash our unique gifts and dreams.  But it’s 100% possible to attract the kind of soulmate who will enhance your gifts and rarely diminish them (I can’t say “never” because we’re all human, after all!). That’s why I’ve created my “Attract Your Soulmate Without Selling Your Soul” Programme.  It’s for unique, rare and special people to get in touch with their intuition in that space of gentle spiritual power, to learn their particular spiritual love lessons so far, to get crystal clear on what kind of partner they want and need,  and to clear out anything blocking the arrival of their divine soulmate life partner.  

The introductory pricing will be available to the first 6 people who sign up.  Spaces are limited to allow me to hold sacred space fully for each person who joins.  

Check out more about the programme here:

If anyone leaps to mind who needs this now, please do share it with them.  <3 

To sharing your unique, special and rare gifts with the world … and being fully supported as you do so!  

Jacqui xxxx