Deal With Other’s Negativity… by Choosing Love

Last month, I was in Japan retaking my ThetaHealing Instructor’s training and assisting on the courses. This time it took my understanding of what ThetaHealing® – and all energy healing – is really about to another level.
– yes, you can make parts of your life better
– yes, you can make relationships better
– yes, you can feel more connected
– yes, you can calm emotions and thoughts
But there’s more to it.

Negative Attention
Perhaps the worst thing that happened on my ThetaHealing journey was seeing it on Newsnight (a BBC news programme in the UK).  And it was not painted in a positive light at all!  It was made to look like some cheap, faith-healing trick that cons people out of money and makes up wild stories about healing.  It was so unfairly painted and having only been using ThetaHealing for 2 years, I was mortified.  Derren Brown tweeted the link too and as he’s someone I really admire, it added to the dismay and disappointment.  I didn’t want to be associated with something that could be painted so badly.

On the training, Josh & Raena (the teachers) and I chatted about that incident.  It was actually really good to talk to them about it and hear their take on it.  It’s written about in Vianna’s book “On the Wings of Prayer” (my Amazon affiliate link to the book).   It only made ThetaHealing stronger and Josh’s attitude to it, in particular, made me think “wow, he’s the real deal”.  He only had love for the people behind it and appreciated all the learning and growth it inspired. 

Dealing With Other’s Negativity
I guess one of my problems was that I fully expected that once you get to a certain spiritual level and you radiate love, everyone softens around you and life magically brings you everything you want.  I’d previously hypnotised myself with “The Secret” and I didn’t realise it glossed over the truth about living spiritually and manifesting.  That you can create your reality but you have to face your own mind and your fears along the way.  Incidents like the Newsnight programme shine a light on where you’re doubting yourself or fearing other people’s responses.

Love and positive vibes can trigger other people’s hidden issues in a BIG way.  Love shines a light on them for others too and if they’re not connected to their own capacity to create incredible things, it can turn to envy, criticism and resentment.  One of the things I’d had to learn in business building is to let go of trying to please everyone and to be able to deal with people being critical or judgmental about what I do – especially family.  I care about what people think, but I care more about the difference I’m here to co-create with people like you.  It’s hard but their criticism, envy and resentments aren’t about me.  It’s their stuff and it’s my job to see it through it to the wounds behind it.  

Moving to Love
The main goal of ThetaHealing is to get to a place of unconditional love.  A place where you can see what’s going on for people without getting involved in their drama.  You can get beyond judgments, criticisms and shaming – both your own and others to a place where your mind, your heart and every single cell in your body is so pure in love that can lift other people up.  That’s not to say there isn’t a whole load of other stuff going on in our hearts and minds, but that you choose love.  
No matter what.

With love
Jacqui xxx

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