Connection, Your Heart’s Desires and The Feminine Revolution

  • jmcginn 

What is your heart’s desire? Get quiet enough and balanced enough and you can hear what your heart wants, according to love coach, psychosexual therapist and couples’ counsellor Cate Mackenzie.

Cate’s work has had a huge impact on me. A workshop with her set off a ton of realisations about unhealthy patterns in my life and was the catalyst for a big energy shift and changes that allowed my partner to show up. Then again in 2018, I went along to a love coaching session and got to experience just what’s possible when we go into a safe space and really connect.

This is a really special interview that is full of heart wisdom and has a lovely flow of energy too. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift. In it Cate shares:

  • the dangers of isolation, heartbreak and disconnection
  • how to move into connection and what she calls “empowered vulnerability”
  • creating safe space to allow for imperfections, problems and a depth of connection to our essence
  • a metaphor for more satisfying sexual intimacy for those who want that kind of connection
  • letting go of needing to know all the answers so we can use our connections to find out whatever we need to manifest our hearts’ dreams and desires

You can catch Cate at and her workshop at The College of Psychic Studies is here: