Attract Your Soulmate (Without Selling Your Soul!)

  • Do you ever feel like you’re so different that there can’t be anyone out there for you?
  • Are you fed up of unsatisfying, controlling or lacklustre relationships that leave you feeling confused and hurt?
  • Do you crave a partner you can connect with intellectually, spiritually and emotionally and feel physically attracted to?
  • Have you ever felt like you’re going crazy in a relationship? 
  • Are you looking for someone who can understand you and support you in making your dreams a reality?
Attract Your Soulmate without selling YOur Soul.  Click here to chat with me and start your journey 

Humans are wired for connection, but boy do romantic relationships bring out all the hidden blocks to connection! As Rumi said:

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Imagine that time when you’ve found your special someone.  

Someone who loves ALL of your quirks – your psychic and empathic abilities, your unique view of the world, your passion for creating a better world.  

Someone you can have deep conversations with and be totally silly with too!  

Someone who sees through the controlling or narcissistic people you’ve had in your life and can reassure you that you’re NOT the crazy one.  

But more than that…

someone who will help you open up to more love, more authenticity, a deeper intimacy and the depths of your soul.  

Why hasn’t that person showed up yet? 

If you’re wondering why love never seems to work for you, it’s NOT that there’s anything wrong with you. It’s patterns of relating to others that your subconscious mind picked up when you were learning the basic life skills of being human on earth. Our early caregivers set our blueprint for what to expect in close, intimate relationships and we unwittingly play out the same dramas we experienced in early childhood in our intimate relationships.   As small children, our minds were wide open and like sponges absorbing everything around us. It helped us to adapt and survive in the world as it is.  

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You know you’re here to help co-create a new world that works for everyone and those old patterns of survival just won’t cut it anymore.  You’re here to set the example for others … to show them that they can experience so much more from life than what they’ve been settling for.  And the same is true for you.

You’ll see all my happy relationship pictures on social media and on my website now.  But the truth is that I struggled and struggled in love for over 20 years.  I didn’t meet Tony until I was 37!  Before him, my longest relationship was just 6 weeks… yes, 6 WEEKS!  I’d met tons of lovely guys (and some not-so-lovely guys) but often the attraction wasn’t mutual.  Or one of us wasn’t ready.  Or they weren’t available…but still felt lead me on and manipulated me.  Then I’d get the usual “have you got a fella yet?” from the family and would always feel like something was wrong with me.

As my late 30s approached, I studied everything I could get my hands on to improve my situation – the right mindset, what to put in my dating profile, what to clear out from the past.  But what made the real difference in the end was investing in my own healing.  I was already an energy healer and had some tools to help me but I needed someone else to hold the space for me over a dedicated time to make those deep changes.  I worked with a hypnotherapist and while in hypnosis, higher vibrational beings would come into my energy system and heal me.  Since then, I’ve learned how to do the deep work with others…. with results beyond what I could ever have imagined!

“Jacqui helped me uncover and correct unhelpful beliefs and as uncomfortable as it was at times, I have been left with a feeling of being complete and whole for the first time. Things have changed in my inner and outer world. “

S.S. British Female based in England. 

You can spend decades … or even lifetimes… trying to figure out what’s happening on your dates and in your relationships that keeps you feeling lonely, drained, overwhelmed or like there’s something wrong with you. But by diving deep into your subconscious mind with a skilled and experienced healer, you can radically accelerate your healing and transform your patterns of relating to others so that you welcome in the kind of relationship that your heart and soul is yearning for. What could take years, decades or lifetimes to improve instead takes just 3 months.  Not only that, but you can learn to use the tools I use with you for the rest of your life.  

“Attract Your Soulmate Without Selling Your Soul” is designed for conscious, empathic, intuitive and intelligent professional women who are fed up of feeling alone but don’t want to waste their time on meaningless dates and relationships. If you want a partner who will help you to be the best you can be and help you step into your glorious feminine power and if you want to create a better relationship blueprint for future generations, this programme is for you. 

She is nonjudgmental, very nurturing and simply lovely person – I highly recommend her healing services.

N.L. Latvian female based in Southern England 

During twelve 90 minute online Zoom sessions, we’ll start with a crystal clear vision of what you want and need in a relationship and then detox those dysfunctional relationship patterns with a mix of hypnosis, energy healing, coaching, spiritual mentoring and NLP.  Working deep with your subconscious mind and with my healing team and yours, we’ll change those patterns at their root and learn how your past relationships were helping you open up to greater and greater love so you can leave the hurt and loneliness in the past.   And you’ll step into a fun, flirty dating adventure where you’re confident your special someone will soon appear in your life. Your last session is about finding your unique essence that makes you shine, so you can radiate from your authentic self.  Not only will that help your personal life, but it will give you a fantastic tool for your professional life too.  A month after the main programme finishes, you’ll have a bonus 13th session (the number of the goddess) to check and tie up any loose ends.    


S.B. a female sound healer in Southern England who left a narcissistic relationship determined to change her life… and ended up reuniting with a long lost love who she now lives with <3 

When you sign up in December 2018, you’ll get 3 extra bonuses!

  1. BONUS 1 a masterclass on turning your online dating profile into a vision board that repels players and narcissists, and calls out directly to your special someone. Plus you’ll get tips on keeping your energy high so your dating stops being a drain and becomes a fun time for you to shine!
  2. BONUS 2 a sacral chakra clearing deep healing hypnosis meditation
  3. BONUS a session with the incredible Kate Winters who is a phenomenal psychic medium and psychologist!!  

The regular price for this programme is £2000, but as a special introductory offer, there’s £500 off making it just £1,500. You can change your relationship story forever for the price of a 2 week holiday! Why spend years or even lifetimes getting into alignment with the relationship that your soul wants, when you can step into 2019 confident that it’s your time?

Are you ready? Let’s go!  Click here for your free discovery session to make sure this is the programme that will change your life forever! <3 


How do the sessions happen?  The sessions are over Zoom, so you can relax in the comfort of your own home using your computer, tablet or smartphone.  They are available in person too if you are able to travel to Eastleigh.

Is the programme only for straight females?  The programme is designed for straight cisgender females but the principles apply to all romantic relationships.  Your vision of what you want is the most important guide for you.

Is there a payment plan available?  Yes, there is!  It’s £500 a month for 3 months while the discount applies. 

What if I haven’t got the time or energy to focus on myself?  Let me gently tell you – you need to start putting your own energy and time first.  You can only give your best from a full, overflowing cup.  If you keep allowing others’ needs to dominate your life, I’m afraid you’re blocking so much of the good stuff that you know is waiting for you.  It sounds paradoxical but when you slow down and create space to clear out the old and declutter your emotions, beliefs and relationships, you’ll find you have more energy to give to others.  You’re then able to give your best self to others!

My relationship history is so bad or nonexistant, I’ve given up hope on love.  Can the programme help me?  Yes, it can!  All of the dysfunctional, bad relationship patterns lead back to your early programming when you were little.  By changing what’s going on deep in your subconscious mind, you upgrade all of your relationships – seeing more of the good in people – including yourself.  

Any further questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask me: or message me on FB through Intuitive Jacqui or call +44(0)7794 975304