Attract Your Soulmate Without Selling Your Soul Programme Details

Here is the outline for the sessions.  They are designed to help you detox your past relationships to prepare you for the kind of relationship that your heart and soul truly want.  This is an outline and may be changed according to your particular needs at the time.  The vision will give your subconscious mind clear instructions of what it needs to help you do to make your vision happen.  My job is to help you listen to what your subconscious mind and inner child need.  

Session 1 (2 hours) – Your Vision Together we’ll create a crystal clear vision of the kind of relationship and person you’re looking for.  There’s an accompanying workbook to help you that you can keep adding to as more clarity comes.

Session 2 (1 hour) – Clear Out The Past.  This session is about freeing you from ties to old relationships that are sucking your energy and holding you back – whether you see those people or not. It’s also about releasing any outworn unconscious vows to help previous partners that are blocking new love. 

Session 3 (1 hour) – Masculine, Feminine Balance. When your masculine and feminine sides are out of balance, your relationships are out of balance.  We’ll use a special process to balance the masculine and feminine in you with the child in you so that you feel more balanced and more “you”.

Session 4 (1 hour) – Heal Your Inner Child.  The previous sessions have built up more and more trust so that your inner child feels safe to come out and be heard.  We’ll give your inner child what she needs to feel happy, safe and healthy and to stop sabotaging relationships. 

Session 5 (1 hour) – Free Your Inner Child.  Your inner child picked up your parents or caregivers’ inner child needs.  You no longer need to carry their inner child needs for them, so this session is about freeing your inner child from carrying your parents or caregivers’ burdens.  

Session 6 (1 hour) – Clearing Relationship Resentment. Resentment keeps you stuck in the past.  But hidden inside it are value lessons in love that can improve all of your relationships.  

Session 7 (1 hour) – Connect To Your Body.  Your body speaks the truth and is one of your best allies in discerning what’s right for you.  By learning to listen to your body and connect with it, you 

Session 8 (1 hour) Balanced Giving and Receiving. Learning to give and receive in balance is vital to healthy relationships.  In childhood we slipped into patterns of either mostly giving or mostly receiving and that prevents the free flow of love.  In this session, we’ll uncover your pattern and change it. 

Session 9 (1 hour) – Self Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing tools there are.  In this special coaching process, we’ll help you set yourself free from blaming and shaming yourself because of previous relationship failures and mistakes.  

Session 10 (1 hour) – Relationship Clear Out.  In this session, we make sure all your previous relationship loose ends are tied up and put in the past, so that you’re free to move forwards and welcome in your soulmate.  This session differs from the previous one in we use your imagination to talk to your past partners so you can say what you need to say for closure and hear their perspectives for closure too.   

Session 11 (1 hour) – Your Love Lessons So Far.  Whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not, you’ve been on a journey to learn about love.  A journey to open your heart more and more.  Each relationship has taught you lessons and your soulmate will help you learn deeper lessons.  This session will get you clear on what you’ve learned so far so that you’re ready to learn, grow and evolve with your soulmate. 

Session 12 (1 hour) – You At Your Best.  We’ve done the deep clearing, now it’s time to shine.  We’ll use core process to tap into your unique essence that makes you special so you can radiate from that space with confidence.