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Jacqui McGinn
Jacqui McGinn – doing a bit of modelling!

Jacqui McGinn is an energy healer and qualified teacher based in Southern England. She is also qualified in ThetaHealing, Esoteric Healing, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading, Doreen and Grant Virtue’s Angel Intuitive and Transactional Analysis. She has also studied NeuroLinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and psychic healing. She has developed the ability to work psychically with the inner child and emotions through her training and also through her experiences working with small children and young people with special needs.

As a child she became disillusioned with the catholic faith she was brought up with and its disparity from the science she loved to study at school. She lost all spiritual belief until events in 2003 shook her to her core. Not only was her father diagnosed with cancer for the second time and later died, but she was also unwittingly entering a narcissistic relationship that would trigger a spiritual awakening.

In the spring of 2003 she had what Dr Wayne Dyer would have described as a “quantum moment” where everything felt especially beautifully and vivid. She believed she had fallen in love with someone. But soon after her mental health declined. She started seeing too much meaning in synchronistic events that drove her to paranoia and thoughts that she was being used by the devil to spread evil in subtle ways to her close friends and family. Suddenly one morning when the thought came to her that she needed to end her life to stop the spread of evil through her, she suddenly snapped out of her insanity and realised that that wasn’t really her. Through talking with trusted friends who listened and validated her, her rational mind came back online and she could separate fantasy from reality again. 2 weeks later, her father died of cancer but the narcissistic person she was involved with continued to play mind games with her now very delicate mind.

The experience left her with anxiety but also a deep desire to understand what happened to her mind and prevent others going through the same. Her first discovery was the work of Carl Jung and she was particularly inspired by explanations of the shadow archetype. Since that time in 2003 she has devoted her reading and exploration to finding out what happened and sharing her insights with others.

She began working professionally as an energy healer in 2014 but the remaining shame of what had happened to her in 2003 made her dim her light and hide away. She continued to work in education and childcare as a safe and “normal” career option while she worked on what was holding her back in her business and visibility. In late 2016 she was approached by a new client to help heal from a narcissistic parent. She began researching to help her client and began to see how she had been in a narcissistic relationship herself back in 2003 and that that had triggered her breakdown and awakening.

She spent a large amount of 2017 studying narcissism, talking to survivors of narcissistic abuse, starting her book on narcissism and giving talks at business networking events that were well received and sparked much discussion. She continued trialling her programme for healing narcissistic relationships too and the results of her programme have been beyond what she could have ever dreamed of. It has been described as “transformational” and “life changing” with clients experiencing improved relationships, finally achieving long-held goals, unlocking their own healing abilities and having the confidence to step up their  own spiritual business.

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