A Letter To A Younger, Broken Self

  • jmcginn 
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you wrote a letter to yourself in the past going through a tough time, what would you say to yourself? What did you need to hear? What do you know now that you can tell that younger self?

The younger you lives on in your subconscious mind. If the problems from that time haven’t been solved, there’s a piece of you still trying to solve them. Writing a letter to that piece of you stuck in the past is a beautiful healing practice.

Here’s my letter to my most broken self back in 2003. I can feel more peace as I send her love and encouragement <3 Maybe it will give you ideas. Maybe there are words you need to hear in it and if there are, please do receive what you need from them <3


Dear 2003 Jacqui

It’s OK.

You’re OK.

I’m here. It’s 2019 and I figured it out. Everything you’ve gone through – the pain, confusion, terror, exhilaration and out of control mind – it’s not been a test, it’s been a lesson. It’s an awakening. Right now, you think you’re the only one to have ever felt this broken and confused but you’re wrong.

So many other people experience the same. It’s just that in 2003, nobody talks about it very much. But in the years to come, more and more people will open up about their mental health struggles and because you’ve been through this, you’ll understand them and be able to hold a space for them just like your best friend holds a space for you now.

You’re scared and frightened because you haven’t seen the truth before now. You’ve been taught so many things that just aren’t true. Right now you don’t like yourself very much and that’s because you’ve believed too many lies about yourself and about other people. All these lies lay heavy on you. You will be so much happier and more peaceful.

Don’t blame him and stay angry for too long. He was just a part of helping you start to see the truth. I know parts of you want revenge and that’s OK. I know you’re keen and eager to hurry up and find the answers. It will take time. It won’t always be easy and you will doubt yourself a lot. But you’ll get there.

Every single year you’ll learn a new perspective about this experience. Each year it will make more and more sense. Eventually you’ll heal the deepest wounds and you’ll know how to help people. You can’t possibly imagine what skills you’ll develop. But you will develop incredible skills.

That knowingness you have that something bigger and deeper is going on – that knowingness is right. It’s just so big that it will take you many more years to understand it. Along the way, you’ll learn about how amazing your mind really is, how amazing your heart is, how special your body is and you’ll create a career beyond what you could possibly dream now.

You’ll stop giving your light and power away to other people and you’ll learn to direct them to helping people. At the moment, you don’t even realise that you give away so much of yourself. But you do. You’ll learn so many ways to help people find peace in their minds and their hearts.

Sure, the journey ahead is long and you’ll be tempted many times by quicker routes. But you’ll keep going. You’re doing whatever it takes to be the peaceful change that you want to be in the world.

I love you. I see you. I’m here waiting for you.

Love 2019 Jacqui xxx