The Mysterious Power of The Silent Minute

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Join a daily group prayer for peace
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Join the silent minute this advent with me live on my FB page.

What is “The Silent Minute”

The founder of Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, Wellesley Tudor Pole, started the Silent Minute during the 2nd World War. Every evening at 9pm, people were asked to spend 1 minute to pray for peace. Tudor Pole was inspired by words spoken to him by a fellow British officer during the 1st World War who knew he wouldn’t survive but that Tudor Pole would. The power of the silent minute is said to have been acknowledged by a German officer after the 2nd World War ended:

“secret weapon for which we could find no counter-measure and whih we did not understand, but it was very powerful. it was associated with the striking of Big Ben at 9 o’clock each evening. I believed you called it “The Silent Minute”.

High-ranking German Officer after the war ended in 1945

This summer on 8/8/19, I visited Chalice Well in Glastonbury and decided to become a companion (a member) of Chalice Well. I went there to help set powerful intentions for peace and my book writing. As a companion, I recently received the member’s magazine where I found an article on The Silent Minute and found it absolutely fascinating and inspiring. As I read, I felt a powerful sense of wanting to join in and to encourage others to join with me.

Not Quite War, But Certainly Not Peace

During the chaotic times we’re living in, we may not be at war, but we’re certainly not at peace. Although it’s my belief that the chaos and division is helping us to become aware of where we’re not at peace and to make the necessary changes to come back to peace. And with more and more abuses of power coming out of the shadows and into the light, we’re living in shifting times.

Being able to hold different opinions and perspectives without feeling threatened by any differing views – no matter how emotionally they may be expressed – is the foundation of deep inner peace. And that means knowing yourself and creating a strong sense of peace and security inside.

It’s also about healing ourselves to create that deep sense of peace inside that opens the space for extraordinary creativity to flourish. Solutions we couldn’t even imagine can come through when we commit to connecting with the divine help and inspiration that is said to come through in practices like the Silent Minute.

“The power of silence is greater than you know.”

Words said to be spoken to Wellesley Tudor Pole (founder of Chalice Well in Glastonbury) by a fellow British officer during combat in December 1917

The Power Of Intention

In my last blog, I talked about the work of Lynne McTaggart on the power of intention. I heard her speak at the Hay House “I Can Do It” event in October – after being guided to volunteer there by my intuition. You can read that blog here.

Lynne found that groups of people coming together with intentions to help someone else or for peace in a particular place, often resulted in occurrences like a drop in violence. While there’s no way to say the intentional prayer actually caused the drop in violence, there was a far more interesting result that was much clearer. Those who joined in the intentional prayer found themselves being helped much more in their lives too.

So putting these 2 accounts together, you can see that coming together with powerful intentions for peace and to join the seen and unseen worlds, has enormous potential to bring about a powerful force that flows through you and helps you as you intend to help others.

The Silent Minute This Advent

While the world is in chaos and division, this powerful peace prayer can help us to align with our part in the bigger plan for humanity. Creating that connection to higher wisdom, guidance and creativity to bring through the solutions we need for to bring about more peace in our own lives and the wider world.

If you fancy joining a group of people doing the Silent Minute, please do come and join me this Advent on my Facebook page at 9pm GMT every evening. There might the odd day where it’s a video instead of a live stream but mostly it’ll be live to feel that sense of community and connection more easily. There’s no set way to use the minute, just set the intention to help the planet or people you know and allow the collective intention to work through you.

There’s no need to sign up or join a group – just come along to the FB lives and do the Silent Minute with us. Who knows what might happen? I can’t wait to do this with you and see what emerges. 🙂