Here you find clarity, calm and peace

With the help of hypnotherapy, spiritual mentoring, and energy healing, all in a safe place


Picture of Jacqui McGinn who is a hypnotherapist, energy healer and spiritual mentor.
Jacqui McGinn

Hello. I’m Jacqui and I’d like to offer you a warm welcome to my world of healing and hypnotherapy.

I’m a spiritual mentor, energy healer and hypnotherapist, helping people to reconnect with peace, especially if they have gone through tough relationships and situations.

Once you know how to unlock the subconscious mind and work with it, you will see how it’s always been trying to help you. It just needs a bit of help with hypnotherapy, mentoring and healing to change what’s going on for you. And that change can happen fast.

At last, you can feel ‘It’s OK to be me’.

So, unlock your subconscious mind, become comfortable with your feelings, and find that peaceful place. Then you can progress with confidence, share your gifts, change your life and other people’s lives too.

Hypnotherapy can help you solve such a vast range of problems – it’s amazing. Problems usually go back to thought patterns and behaviours that were created in early childhood – even physical problems can come from that too.

My goal is to show you a blueprint to create peace in your life whatever is happening. I’m writing a book called “Pieces to Peace”, and you can follow my progress and my thought processes in my blogs, articles and mentoring sessions.

There are also some free resources you can try out on my subscriber hub over on MemberVault. These include:

  • A quick and simple meditation to balance your energy and restore peace
  • interviews with experts to help you bring more peace in your life now

The resources will get you started on your journey to deep inner peace, freedom and creativity.

If you’d like to chat about spiritual mentoring, energy healing or hypnotherapy sessions, just drop me a line at and we can arrange a free one-hour consultation.

What people say

“It was so helpful to explore the issues that came up with you. It felt good to bring awareness and light to some of the more shadowy areas of my life. It was very supportive to gain clarity on my offerings to the world. You are a rare soul with a precious gift.”

F.M. (female holistic business owner) in Edinburgh, UK via Skype

“I’m not one usually to experience big shifts (or small shifts for that matter), I just notice that I’m doing things differently or things are once again in flow. So I was pleasantly surprised when during our healing session I did feel a release and today I feel more energetically invested in my big goals and big vision.″

D.K. (female holistic coach) in Brisbane, Australia via Skype